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How to Add Something

If you have an awesome game to contribute to this list, this is how you do it.

You'll need a GitHub account!

  1. Access this GitHub page. For example:
  2. Click on the file: Step 2 Click on
  3. Now click on the edit icon. Step 3 - Click on Edit
  4. You can start editing the text of the file in the in-browser editor. Make sure you follow guidelines above. You can use GitHub Flavored Markdown. Step 4 - Edit the file
  5. Say why you're proposing the changes, and then click on "Propose file change". Step 5 - Propose Changes
  6. Submit the pull request!

Updating Your Pull Request

Sometimes, a maintainer will ask you to edit your Pull Request before it is included. This is normally due to spelling errors or because your PR didn't match the awesome-* list guidelines.

Here is a write up on how to change a Pull Request, and the different ways you can do that.

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