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The information for a given game should be formatted in a consistent fashion. Here's an example for Ticket to Ride, shown both in its rendered version and the "source text", which is in a markup format called "markdown".

Adding a Game

A block of text should follow these formatting guidelines:

  • a header (a line starting with ###), containing the name of the game
    • this header with the title of the game should link to the game, preferably on Wikipedia or
    • if you can't link to it on Wikipedia or BoardGameGeek, try to use another well known source
    • the title should be in title case, special characters are dicouraged, as the linter will flag things such as exclamation points and question marks
  • a quote block (a line starting with >), for a (brief) description of the game; keep it short
  • an image of the board game, thumbnail, preferably from Wikipedia
    • if you can't find an image on Wikipedia or BoardGameGeek, try to find it elsewhere, in a size as close 250px x 250px or so
  • a table, with basic statistics; # of players, min. age, and estimated time to play

When in doubt, follow the information from the vendor, or a trusted source like Board Game Geek.


Source Text (Markdown)

### [Ticket to Ride](

> ...a cross-country train adventure where players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities in various countries around the world.

![Ticket to Ride game image](

| Players | Min. Age | Time   |
| ------: | -------: | -----: |
|   2 - 5 |        8 | 30-60m |

Rendered Output

rendered output

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